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Since ancient times, Inns / Bars / Hotels are where people gather to celebrate life: birth, death and everything in between. As forward looking as we are at BDQ, tradition is a very strong part of who we are.

Paying Hommage

Tuesday night we paid our last respects at the Taproom to a member of our village. Stories were shared. The piano, harp, guitar and lute were played. A lot of people came out on a cold, wet evening to pay their respects.

A Modern Village

People of different ages, opinions, backgrounds, different nationalities all gathered because that's what makes a village. There was loud laughter, a few tears. It was a beautiful evening.

The Circle Continues

RIP Bernard Nouhet, who left a lasting imprint on this world.

Proceeds of last night's soup sales will be donated to l’association HUMANITAIRE SANS FRONTIERES de PUIVERT soutenue par la MAIRIE DE PUIVERT s’associent avec l’association COLLECTIF AUDE UKRAINE.


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