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The River Festival


Celebrating Rivers Together

Zambuni Communications invite you to come and join us for a celebration of rivers and wild food in L'Oasis, an ancient walled garden, lined with fig trees where three rivers meet, in Chalabre in the foothills of the French Pyrenees. Focused on fire-cooking, foraging and fly fishing. Sleepy. Obscure. Chalabre is a village that time has only started to rediscover. Its blend of untouched local enterprise, such as long standing bakeries and locally stocked butchers, and plucky new enterprises offer the grounded convenience and local culture that pervade the region.

The River Festival is proud to partner with some of the best outdoors brands in the world although realises the importance of underpinning this with local knowledge and produce. Nestled between the limestone foothills of the Pyrenees Chalabre is the home base from which the peaks and troughs of the wider region can be discovered.

We are building a River Festival tribe for this event. Our partners include YETI, Hunter Gather Cook, BDQ, BBQ Magazine, Weber UK and Gozney with more to be announced and we will be developing the concept to bring it to the UK in 2023.

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