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Part Four: Winners Control the Information They Transmit

Chapter 16: Winners Are Judiciously Deceptive

1. Accept that deception is both legitimate and essential.

2. Analyze your own motives constantly.

3. Play deceptively or straightforward only when it increases your long-term profits.

Chapter 17: Winners Create the Right Images

1. Create the image that gives you the biggest edge in this situation, not the image that makes you most comfortable.

2. Make sure that your image is credible.

3. Base your image on a realistic assessment of yourself and your situation.

4. Work on your image.

Part Five: Winners Control Their Reactions to Feelings

Chapter 18: Winners Accept Poker As It Is

1. Accept that the “rules” are essentially fixed.

2. Accept that luck has enormous short-term effects, but trivial long-term ones.

3. Don’t make excuses; accept responsibility for your results.