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Here's our Brewery Chief Jayne Bayliss alongside her daughter. With Paul, she set up our first brewery in France, literally digging the foundations (with the baby in a sling) 10 years ago.

A well respected member of the brewing industry in France, Jayne is a driving force across every aspect of the business. She says, "I'm not the first woman in my family to run a brewery. 100 years before me, another Jane was brewing in Liverpool. And 100 years before her, my family were running Breweries in Wales. Beer is very much a part of my heritage, and I hope that future generations will be as fascinated as I am. Taking simple ingredients and creating something extraordinary, never fails to interest me. "When I began this adventure in beer, there weren't many visible women in the industry. People were surprised that I was so actively involved. The queue for the loos at Beer Festivals and Industry Events was always shorter than the men's and this was the sole advantage. People assumed the brewery was my husband's, and they assumed women didn't know much about beer. I run this business in partnership with my husband Paul. We shared the vision for making delicious, well packaged beers. We both bring skills that the other one needs, and we split our responsibilities accordingly. Our daughter has grown up with our brewery. Finding a balance between work and family is a struggle for most working parents, I'm lucky I could combine work, family and my passion for beer. I'm also lucky that I'm supported by a great team of other hard working people".

Cheers to women everywhere! Cheers to Women in Beer!


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