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Thanks to everyone who came to cheer on their team yesterday. Fantastic atmosphere.

The United Nations

The BDQ Taproom was a celebration of diversity and Craft Beer throughout the day yesterday.

United by a love of Rugby, our Bar was host to an International event with supporters from Wales, Ireland, England and France.

There was some great singing from the French Crowd.

Wailing and shouting from the English.

Great, loud laughter with the Irish.

The Scots were quiet.

The South Africans, Argentinians and Danish were smiling and sipping.

Best dressed, were definitely the Welsh. No contest. All in red.

It was great to see different generations and nationalities together and to hear lots of friendly banter.

Curry and Craft Beer

Chicken Masala and Channa Masala (v), served with Pickles, Raita and Rice, sold out. Feedback was that curry should be a regular thing. It is a top combination.

We'll keep you posted, and get ready to reserve for the next one, people!

Pouring on Tap, we had our four beers - Kolsch, Dry Stout, Blonde Ale, and Vespion. And the new Tropical Stout <Fecos> went down a storm.

Next Weekend

Saturday, is the return of Fish and Chips - you know how this works.

Sunday we'll be chilling out and enjoying Burgers from Adeline.

Women's Bike Club

A couple of women cycled up from Quillan. They'd like to set up a Women's cycle group using the BDQ Taproom as a start or destination point. Anyone interested in joining them?


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