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Brasserie du Quercorb


Bière Artisanale de Luxe


There's a quiet revolution brewing in rural France...

Small batch brewing of the highest standard. Taste, aroma & freshness rule!








Gigs & events



Fabrication à Chalabre



It's not all about beer!

We also host gigs and screen all the big sporting events LIVE.

Our reputation has been built on hosting gigs & exhibitions that showcase local artists & musicians.

Our pizza soirèes are legendary & we invite local food trucks we can't be bothered to cook ourselves! 


Feeling peckish? Select some of the wonderful local delicacies from our chilled vitrine.

There is a selection of saucisson, chorizo, artisanale ham, terrines, cheese, bread & pickles...

Our maybe try one of our hot homemade panini's - delicious melting gruyere, herbs and mustard. 

All enjoyed from the south facing terrace overlooking the Pyrenees or around the wood-burning stove in Winter !

Bon appétit !


Food trucks


Every weekend we host some of the most popular and exciting food trucks in the region.

Spurred on by the sucess of our Soirée Fish & Chips we now welcome le P'Tit Bonheur (pizzas),

Yodeline (burgers) & Les Travers de Pedro (BBQ ribs)...  

All washed down with one of 4 chilled beers on tap!


Beer Truck 


Introducing the BDQ FAB. Fab is an acronym for Fourgon à Bière.

And thats exactly what it is - a mobile Taproom converted from a vintage Peugeot J7!

It's usually found lurking around local night markets, weddings & fêtes...



Perfect for weddings, parties and other events,

it is quite literallly a fully fledged bar on wheels.

We turn up, plug in and within minutes are pouring delicious craft beer.

There are 2 craft keg taps, pull-out vitrine & refrigerated back bar which is stocked with our full range of our bottled beers & local wine.



BDQ Taproom & Kitchen
BDQ Chalabre (Brasserie)
BDQ Chalabre (Bureau)

4 Route Departmentale, 117

11230 Puivert, France

Taproom: +33 677 92 56 89

1 Rue du Capitane Danjou

11230 Chalabre, France

Brasserie: +33 677 92 56 89 

1 Rue du Capitane Danjou

11230 Chalabre, France

Bureau: +33 677 92 56 89 



and never miss an event

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L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé, à consommer avec modération.

La consommation d’alcool est vivement déconseillée aux femmes enceintes. La vente d'alcool à des mineurs de moins de 18 ans est interdite. En accédant à nos offres, vous déclarez avoir 18 ans révolus.

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