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BDQ Beer Co. 


« Notre bière est un art, rien de moins.
Art de faire, art de vivre, l’art de boire »



BDQ Beer Co. is a respected, avant-garde Craft Brewery in Chalabre with Taproom Bar in Puivert.
We brew a huge range of premium quality Craft Beer and distribute throughout France.

Our heritage is Beer. We balance our traditional know-how with our quest to introduce new flavours.

Our beers are packed full of brilliant hops and made with the best malts available.

As well as our Core Range of innovative IPA's, Stouts, classic Blonde Ales and Saison's, there are the much sought after Cask and Vèlo Club series, Seasonal Limited Editions to discover.

The Brewery was established in 2014, originally as Brasserie du Quercorb. 

In 2018, production moved to a bigger site in Chalabre, and the Taproom Bar remains in Puivert.

With increased production, we produce higher quality beer and more varieties.

We've won lots of awards. 

We're an independent, family run microbrewery in Rural France, Occitanie.  

Our small team are hard-working and passionate people. We're proud of what we make.

We run on the principal of if we wouldn't drink it, we wouldn't sell it.

Our beers are of the highest quality. 

« Notre bière est un art, rien de moins. Art de faire, art de vivre, l’art de boire »
Instagram: @bdqbeerco Facebook: @bdqbeerco

Press articles



We've always had a strong relationship with the local press.

Ever since we started they have been interested in what we are doing.

Here are just a few of our recent articles.





We love Instagram as a social media platform.

It's very visual, and that suits our business model perfectly.

We're a creative company and like to express ourselves visually in our branding, interior design and labels.

Follow our feed and keep up with what we're doing!

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