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New release
Fécos (Tropical Stout)


Deep ebony with ruby reflections, topped with a
creamy mousse.


Aromas of coffee & vanilla, with touches of bourbon cask.


Flavours of roasted malt, caramel, coffee & coconut.


About BDQ Beer Co. 


« Notre bière est un art, rien de moins.
Art de faire, art de vivre, l’art de boire »



Brasserie du Quercorb was founded in 2012 in a derelict garage in the tiny town of Puivert, Occitanie.

Today it is better known as BDQ Beer Co., an avant-garde, contemporary brewery.

In 2018 manufacturing moved to Chalabre, in order to meet the growing demand.

The move meant increased production and the ability to produce higher quality beer with respect for the environment.

You will find a wide selection of exciting and innovative beers. All our beers bear witness to respected traditional know-how, a quest for original taste, and a desire to introduce new flavours.

Contrasting our Core Range, there are the much sought after Cask and Vèlo Club series.

You can always find 4 beers on tap at the BDQ Taproom & Kitchen at our original site in Puivert.
Taste, aroma and freshness rule!


and never miss an event